On horseback in France in the Perigord + Landes

Horseback ride in Perigord and Landes - France


Horse trekking in Aquitaine - France

This trekking is rich with the history of the Aquitaine region and is a trek through walled towns and fortified castles. Riding through the beautiful valleys here will lead you into the magnificent forest, a refuge for the local people during the 100 year war. The last few days of this holiday are spent back in the Mimizan area so not only do you get a trip of great historical interest, you also get the fabulous beach rides!

Some historical background:
In 1152, the marriage of Eleanor to Henry II (Henry of Plantagenet) lead the Perigord  and Atlantic Coast Ride in France Aquitaine region into a long conflict known as the 100 year war. Several walled towns and castles were built during this period in order to respond to the different strategic, political and economic requirements of the area.                   This journey back in time takes you roaming on the back of your courageous charger through deep, mysterious valleys and on a maze of ancient paths through the forest.                                                                                      The three day historical trek ends each day in a lovely three star gite where you will enjoy scrumptious food influenced by the neighboring Perigord province. Following this, two and a half days are spent back in Mimizan in a two star hotel with breathtaking beach riding and exploration of this phenomenal area.

Duration: 8 days and 7 nights; evolution: 30 to 40 km / day

Dates: in April, June, September, October.

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Pergord  and  Atlantic Coast ride in France



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