Show Jumping and English training 2024


Mois : February, April, July, August, October
Niveau : upper intermediate

For your 12-18 year old teenager fascinated by horseback riding you have always dreamed of embodying a little touch of “added value” in hours of
intensive training in the arena. What if your beloved “equus fan” would invest as much energy in learning English as in tacking their horse or pony?
Unique as fingerprints, our 7-day course entitled “R.Y.E.2©” offers you an unprecedented opportunity to hone English and to prow horse-riding skills at the same time.



DurationShow Jumping and English courses in Aquitaine

8 days, 7 nights

Age of participants

12 to 18 years old

Riding level                            

Intermediate to advanced.

Group size

6 riders maximum


Basic accommodation comprises 3* equestrian lodge, an 11×7 m swimming pool, an outdoors lounge and a sheltered dining zone in closest proximity. A dormitory with 1-2 bathrooms that can host 4-6 people, single or double room (a supplement to pay) are provided for this purpose.

Papers to provide

Swim Permission
Permission to use image/video


19Harmony of Prowess and Fun

Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineUseless to remind you that reaching ambitious goals requires stepping way out of the box. A pesky mistake is that you keep on doing the same thing in the same way expecting different results. Although it may feel scary, if you want to be singled out you need to act offbeat. Get into our “stop-start” philosophy before you enroll in the RYE2© program:

1) Stop limiting your beliefs; start feeling empowered to reframe a limit into a benefit.
2) Stop dwelling on your past mistakes; start focusing on the current things positively influencing you to become a better version of yourself.
3) Stop setting vague objectives; start being proactive and specific about what exactly you want to achieve.
4) Stop performing things because somebody told, “you must”; start thriving on inner harmony and fun you will get from doing such.

Participants enrolled in the RYE© Program will have two segments to follow with:


RYE2© Ride Your Equus Segment


Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineTo build harmony in a rider-horse pairing by favoring natural balance and creating an efficient bond between the two. To implement constructive methods of communication with the animal.
To promote training ethics highlighted by simple and predictable actions.
To learn how to bring a horse to a reliable physical condition and a conducive mood necessary to easily solve current tasks.
As there is no good show horse without good basic dressage, so there is no good rider performing excellent jumps without a good knowledge of horse biomechanics, its locomotion and overall respect for their mount.
Our participants attend classes elaborated and given by a state-certified tutor having a proven record of successful 40-year experience of preparing riders of all levels. They may be competing at the national level or simply living their dream of horse riding.
Upon the completion of the equus segment, depending on a progression showed, participants will be invited to perform galloping passages on various types of surface.

Opt for one of the programs:


1) Classic Program (13-15 years old, intermediate to experimented riding level jumping lower than 0,70 cm)
15 hours of English +15 hours horseback

Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineAn opportunity for students proving A2-B2 proficiency in English to hone their spoken and written language in a fun way and to improve equestrian practice by studying complex notions of  dressage and jumping with daily training in the arena, two outdoors treks to foresee.

Matters to study:
How riders should position themselves in a saddle while preparing for / approaching / clearing different obstacles and landing after such, at 3 possible gaits on a flat surface.
How riders should balance their horse while changing pace, speed or direction.

We expect you to be able:
To put into practice matters learned in the arena, such as controlling pace on changing terrains, as an example. To complete a monitored 8-10 obstacle course.


2) Intensive Program (15-18 years old, experimented to advanced riding level jumping  0,70 cm to 1,05 cm )
18 hours of English + 18 hours horseback

Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineAn opportunity for students proving A2-B2 proficiency in English to hone their spoken and written language in a fun way and to improve equestrian practice by studying complex notions of dressage and jumping with daily training in the ring, two outdoors treks to foresee. To maintain a perfect bond with a horse and to enjoy the ride at full, an equestrian needs to respect their mount, as well as to comply with the major rules of balance. Remember that dressage remains essential for a proper use of a show horse.

Matters to study:

  • Basic and advanced notions of horse biomechanics.
  • How a riding trajectory can impact your preparation for a jump.
  • How to land on a specific foot after a jump.
  • How to prepare for/to approach/to clear an oxer or a straight obstacle,
  • or to handle a combination of obstacles.
  • How to change your horse’s foot at a gallop.

RYE2© Ride Your English Segment

English speaking objectives

Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineWe are glad to announce that the English segment of our RYE2© program is designed for students ready to “ride a couple of extra English miles” per day after intensive equestrian classes. Four core language skills are in focus: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Effective conversational activities aimed at strengthening pronunciation will also require you to be accurate in your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Nothing comes out of the blue. 6 days of classes cannot result in proficiency equal to a native speaker’s, as if by magic. It will require more commitment and persistency on a long-term basis. Our short-term goal is to provide students with accessible learning tools in a small group of 3 to 6 persons in a friendly, supportive environment. Our long-term mission is to seed a grain of knowledge and to advice on how to grow a spikelet of skills.

While trans-ocean and even trans-La Manche travels are becoming spendthrift, we are ready to welcome students from all over France, neighbors from Switzerland, Belgium to enhance their English speaking skills for academic study or day-to-day use. A penny saved is a penny earned.

We are only making promises that we can perform. Keen to put our students in a context where they can express themselves without being judged, we endow them with different communicative tasks in- and off-class. Their daily assignment can be to compose an essay, to share a story, to speak about their experience with mates and tutors while taking meals, visiting places of interest or horseback. The English segment of the RYE2© program comprises speaking, listening and integrated skills classes.

  • In the listening class, students are focused at receiving, understanding, evaluating and remembering information presented as either a video or a voice record to further respond, verbally or non, to information they have received.
  • In the speaking class, students are involved in a discussion through role-play or debate. They are pushed to use new words and word combinations, as well as to incorporate appropriate grammar and other units to produce spoken language in a fluent and accurate way.
  • In the integrated skills class, students work on improving English grammar knowledge as well as on reading and writing. Lasting 45 min x 2 on average, a class are held in- and outdoors. We invite like-minded people to enroll in the RYE2© program. Your humanistic  values and ambitions will be appreciated. As great equestrians are not born but made every day in the arena, so great speakers have to practice in and off-class.

What is included in the RYE2© Program?

  •  18 hours of English + 18 hours of equestrian classes in arena or out door , including 2 beach trails per week in a small group of 6 students per tutor.
  • Accommodation in a dormitory or a double room (subject to supplement pay).
  • 3 meals daily.
  • Quality facilities on-site.
  • High quality instruction in-class.

The Center is located on the Atlantic coast of Les Landes, on a 13ha territory patched with wild forests and pastures surrounding the stables, to say nothing of the Atlantic Ocean shore with its mesmerizing dunes just a stone’s throw away.

Participants wishing to have a two-week stay can also enjoy a boat trip, a visit of Arcachon, or to perform other activities subject to prior discussion.

       Show Jumping and English courses in Aquitaine        Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineShow Jumping and English courses in Aquitaine

 Typical day :


Early wake up




Storage of the room and personal effects




Free time / swimming pool / beach


Free time / swimming pool / Phone call


Dinner + Activites


Bed time

Classic program:


Horse riding (tacking up and lesson in the arena)


English lesson (with a 30 min break)

19h30 – 20h00 Farm’s horse and Foal care

Intensive program:

08h45 – 12h30

English lesson

14h30 – 20h00

Horse riding (tacking up and lesson in the arena or outdoor); farm’s horses and foals care


Arrival time

Sunday 18h00 Check-in at the guest house for the young riders arriving with their parents Show Jumping and English courses in Aquitaine


How to find us

Show Jumping and English courses in AquitaineParents can drive their ingenious learners directly to the Center located in Mimizan Bourg, at the distance of 55 miles (90 km) slightly to the southwest from Bordeaux.

Otherwise, for participants allowed to travel on their own, we ensure group transfers from the main transport hubs to the Center and back at an affordable price of €45 (one way). Sunday, a day before a RYE2 session starts; our shuttle picks them up from either “Bordeaux Int’l Mérignac airport” at 4 pm (CET) or from “Bordeaux Saint-Jean SNCF train station” at 5 pm (CET). Next Sunday, a day after the session closes; the same shuttle brings them back to the departure points by 11 am. Keep this information in mind while booking tickets



Classic program

February April – May July August October

14- 21 / 04

21 – 28 / 04


14 – 21 / 07

28/ 07 – 04/.08

11 – 18 / 08



20 – 27 / 10

1 week

2 weeks

999 € / week

1049 € / week

1898 €/ 2 weeks

1049 € / week

1898 €/ 2 weeks

999 € / week

Intensive program

February April July August October

14- 21 / 04

21 – 28 / 04

14 – 21 / 07

28/ 07 – 04/.08

11 – 18 / 08 20 – 27 / 10
1149 €/week

1199 €/week

2298 €/ 2 weeks

1199 €/week

2298 €/ 2 weeks

1149 €/week

Not included :

  • Transfer: 45 euros/by journey
  • Federal Liability  and Accident Insurance : 27 € ( minus 18 years old )
  • Single bedroom supplement :  105 euros/week  210 € in July and August
  • Double bedroom supplement : 70 €/ week and 105 in July and August
  • Annulation insurance  (45-70 euros/stay  1-2 weeks)


    low season:  , april and octobre

    high season: july and August

    2 following weeks possible



    By phone: +335 58 09 34 25 or +336 81 27 15 01


    1 review for Show Jumping and English training 2024

    1. Michel Girard Mille

      Hello Michel,

      Thank you for an unforgettable week riding for Christopher.

      He really enjoyed the week with you and all your team at the equestrian center. He has talked a lot about your superb career education with his co-knight, Elise; the wonderful walks to the lake and to the beach with the other riders of the hiking week; Lisa’s wonderful meals; and a lot of other stuff around your horses and your good team.

      We really appreciate that it was a rewarding experience for our son in a very friendly environment surrounded by other enthusiastic riding enthusiasts. We thank you for all your efforts.

      Elsewhere, we realize that you have enough overseas customers, so if you want, we could recommend you to the “Duke of Edinburgh Award” organization, for the ‘residential golden stage’, as Christopher did at home. In the hope that his experience may attract other young riders to your center in the future for the weeklong courses Tell us if you would like to do that, so that they put a link on their website?

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