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The riding school organises transfers from and to the airport every Sunday for 2 to 8 people.


As people are arriving from various destinations in Europe, we pick the group up starting from :

  •  Combo Mountain + Atlantic Coast and Endurance in Aquitaine trails  : 14h00 at the Airport 
  •  All our different programs on Atlantic Coast 16h00 at the Airport and 17h00 Railway station ! The minibus leaves Bordeaux according to the arrival time of the latest client arriving. Therefore we  ask all our partners to be kind to plan their arrival time  at 15h30 or before



We drop the people off in the morning on the departure day according to the flight departure time of the first client.

The droping time is normaly at 10h00 at the Airport, and 11h00 at the Railway Station

Therefore we ask all our clients  to plan the departure time from Bordeaux Airport or Railway Station at 12h00 or after .

The cost of the transfer is 50€ each way per person, so 100€ for a return fare (from the airport on arrival and back to the airport on departure).

If we’ve got more than 8 clients together for the same transfer, then we may provide 2 minibuses for the transfer and the price does not change.


FROM MORCENX  (except on Sunday )

The riding school also organises a transfer from Morcenx every Monday to saturday for 1 or more people.

1 person = 40€/trip OR 2 people or more = 20€/trip

Caution: In case of transfers after 21h00, the price is multiplied by 2 !

Distance, Time and Special Pick Up and Drop Off Times:

Distance and Time

From Bordeaux Airport:
70 miles and 1h30

From Morcenx :
20 miles, 30mn

Special pick up time :
– Bordeaux on Sunday at 16h00 or after
– Morcenx on Monday at 13h00

Special dropping time :
– Bordeaux on Sunday at 11h00 or before

If clients want to make their own way from Bordeaux by train

There is a Shuttle from the airport to the railway-station of Bordeaux
13 € ( 45mn)

Then the client can find a Train to Labouheyre
19 € (50 mn ).

+ RDTL Bus from Labouheyre to Mimizan 11h30 to 12h20 all the year round
5 € ( 40 mn)

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