Horse Riding and YOGA

Yin Yoga sessions offered during your Equestrian courses in Mimizan, France

From April 15th to the end of September, we offer our clients Yoga sessions every morning before breakfast, between 7h30 and 8h15 AM with a group of at least 3 people.

Yin Yoga is a postural practice of openness for the body and the mind, an invitation to let go and accept what is !  From Taoisme and Chinese medecine, Yin Yoga works on the skeleton, by stimulating the meridians.

Its specificity is to work in stillness, each posture being held for an average of five minutes, in order to clean energy channels through acupressure. The bone of the joints, the tendons and the ligaments but also fascias will be solicited and strengthened.

These lessons are often accompanied by reading texts leading to reflection, soft music, or instruments for relaxation !

Yoga for Balance control on Horse back ! 

The basis for precise communication that respects the mount depends on the rider’s balance ! The basis of Yoga is controlling the balance in these differents postures

The benefits of Yoga before and after a riding session

The whole point of Yoga practiced before a horse riding session is warm up and stretching the muscles, improving concentration, breathing control and precision of the movement.

The whole point of Yoga practiced after  a horseback riding session is to help the body relax, repair itself and prevent aches and tears in the muscles or tendons.

Practice horseback riding and Yoga in the following equestrian courses :

Who is our Yoga worker at the Le Marina equestrian center in Mimizan

Sandrine BACQUET is a Yogotherapist and YIN YOGA teacher, graduated by Annie AU (Thailand and India).    

She also supplemented her know-how with complete training in Sonotherapy, allowing her to provide individual care and consultations.

As an energetician, Sandrine also offers holistic body re-harmonization treatments (Reiki, Lahochi) as well as Ayurvedic Massages that she studied in India with Rajev Pant (Indian Ayurvedic Master).

And after having followed a recognized training with the RYE (Research of Yoga in education), Sandrine founded in 2019 the Association “Seeds of Yogi Mimizan” with the main objective of promoting the techniques of Yoga in education (schools , leisure center, parent-child Yoga classes, Teen Yoga, Children Yoga).

Where to practice Equitation and Yoga in the Landes, in France ?

Your Equestrian Center ” Le Marina ” is located in Mimizan Village in the Landes (New Aquitaine, France) on the Atlantic Coast !

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