Discovery course 6 days


Level : Beginner

Our objective is to make this activity accessible to every body, to help people discovering the close complicity that can be established between man and horse, and to instil the solid basis making autonomy possible, as quickly as possible.

Finally we wish to show, that with a few indispensable riding notions, it is easy to take advantage of a fabulous means of locomotion, so as to enter an environment and discover a natural milieu in complete safety.

As an ‘Equestrian school’’ in a seaside resort, our summer clientele has meant, we have developed an accelerated learning method, which means that the full beginner can enjoy the pleasure of riding-out in complete security from the very first few riding sessions.   

This is also possible thanks to our adapted and well-trained horses.

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8 days / 7 nights / 6 days with riding

The courses start on Monday

Age of The riders

Adultes from 18 to 70 years old

Riding Level

From the full Beginner and for Nocice

Group Size

 from 2 to 6 people maximum.


Lessons are guaranteed by the director of the riding school (certified international instructor and show jumping/dressage specialist), a qualified /certified riding teacher or an equestrian guide of tourism (French professional certification: B.E. ,A.T.E., CQP ASA or BPJEPS Tourisme Équestre) having good regional knowledge willing to let you discover the beauty of this area. English speaking guides available.

ACCOMMODATION (From Sunday to Sunday)

The Guest house of the Equestrian Center offer  5 ” Chambres d’hôte ” with private bathroom in each bedroom
1 house with 4 bedrooms for 2 and 3 people,
1 house with 1 bedroom for 5 people,
with hot water swimming pool, at 150 meters from the Riding school.

We are also working with some Hotels** in Mimizan beach on the Sea Front, when we do not have any spaces for our Guest .


This formula may be half-board or including only Breakfast, to give to our client the opportunity to visit Mimizan-beach and his surroundings; to test some nice sea food restaurants, typical French meal or to take lunch on the beach side while enjoying sunny weather. When we are riding for a full-day, the equitation center provides  the  lunch (French aperitif and appetiser, Bordeaux red wine, soup or salad according to the weather, chicken or meat and veggies, French cheeses, desert and coffee or tea). No Meal are provided in  the Guest House .




We learn the people to catch horses in their paddocks, to clean and take them. We also learn them the psychology and the behave  of horses in different kind of situation . Then the goal of the courses is to learn them to make only arising trot, and arising canter and gallop, then  to walk independently one from the others at all the paces, and to approach some jump on ditch or tree, by some exercises in the arena. We do not approach the sitting trot or sitting canter the first week !

Any full beginner with our technique may finish the week with cantering alone on the beach with a good control of his balance and a quite good control of the horse.

Then they are ready to follow any kind of our riding trail in the South of France if they want to come back  riding with us.


2 kinds of accommodation:                                                                                                                                                                                      – Our Guest house with Swimming pool and 6 bedroom ” Chambre d’hôtes with private bathroom .                     

      – our partner hotel on the sea front offering the same range of accommodation than our guest House .

Low Season : 899 € + 43 € by supplementary night if people are ariving 1 day before or starting 1 day later

Average Season : 979 € + 51 € by supplementary night

High Season : 1099 € + 65 €  by supplementary night

Haute saison : 1049 € + 65 € par nuit supplémentaire

No single supplement for the people alone when they want a share bedroom, if  nobody may  to share with them !

We are offering different kind of bedrooms; for Single, Double, Twin,

and  shared bedroom from 3 to 5 beds .

Single bedrooms Supplement:

70 € from the beginning of November to the End of Marsh  175 €  April  – May , June  September  October    230  €  July and August

Double bedrooms Supplement:

No one from the beginning of November to the End of Marsh

 70 € / April  – May , June  September  October, 105 €  July and August

Supplement Half Board   154 €  Supplement Full Bord  308 €   

Supplement for People asking for Individual Courses:  200 €

A la carte
all weeks possible from November to the end of Marsh

Low Season
From October to the End of April

Average Season
May ,  June and September

High Season
July and August


By phone: +335 58 09 34 25 or +336 81 27 15 01

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