Atlantic coast


Level : high intermediate minimum
Possibility of coming with his horse : Yes
Accompanied non-riders admitted : Yes

This is a 8 days / 7 nights / 6 days ride  with 3 days of evolution on the beach Tuesday Friday and the Saturday.

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April on  Atlantic Coast


8 days / 7 nights / 6 riding days

Total km/day

Between 30 to 40 km

Age of riders

12 Years (accompanied) and 15 years (non accompanied) to 82 years

Required riding level

               Fit intermediate to Advanced               

Guidance and security

Guidance is guaranteed by qualified /certified equestrian guide of tourism (French professional certification: A.T.E., CQP ASA or BPJEPS Tourisme Équestre) having good regional knowledge willing to let you discover the beauty of this area. English speaking guides available.

Horses and tack

35 horses are for majority Anglo-Arabs. These are safe horses, brave and easygoing; well trained, very well-balanced as horses live in herds and outside. They affect nice and friendly connections with the man.
Tack is English saddle of very good quality and adapted for the trail. 
The riding Center provide saddle bags !


Possibility to come with your own horse?


Group size

10 riders at maximum, but a maximum of 12 during the month of July and August
Departure from 3 riders minimum, a departure with 2 riders is possible but requires a supplement of 200 € per participant.


I night in Manor House during the trip on Wednesday evening . The other days riders are transfered by mini-bus to the Guest House of the Equestrian Center.

Go and see our accommodation and transfer page :  


To know

This trek requires rather good and fit intermediate riders, confident at all paces and able to ride several hours over varied and sometimes challenging terrain.

We ask to the rider to be enough confident to walk or trot independently trough the forest, to canter or gallop alone on the sandy ways in the forest to avoid the dust, and being able alone or by two riders to leave the group and to come back under a good control on the beach.



Day 1. Monday

Breakfast from 08 to 10 o’clock
Then the client are dropped to Mimizan Beach at 10h30, to visit and walk through the village and on the beach, to make shopping and take the Lunch in the restaurant of their choice.

Pick up time at 13h30 in front of the Tourism office and way back to the Guest House.

Le long du courant de MimizanMEETING at the Guest House at 14h00
The first day ride is on Monday. It is a half-day trail of around 3h 00 in the afternoon,

This day enables the riders to get used to our horses and gives us the opportunity to grasp their different levels and expectations, to put them on the horses that suit them best over the following 4 days. For some of the riders, this half-day gives them the chance to get back into the swing of riding. Our short surrounding is very beautiful, and the very wild landscape offers from the top of natural dunes some nice views above the ocean. We start for 6 days tour ride

coucher de soleilDay 2 -3 – 4 and 5

2 days passing by the beach either in the morning or in the evening, according to the tide of the ocean. We’ll be  on the beach on Tuesday and Friday with or without the sun set. The landscape and the nature is changing every day, offering all the various angles of “ The Landes”. We are going to ride around 45 km by day in 5 to 6 hours with spending as much time with walking as with cantering or galloping.
This means, this trek requires rather good and fit intermediate riders confident at all paces and able to ride several hours over varied and sometimes challenging terrain.
The ground of our forest is often very clean and offers us the opportunity not to ride in one line, which is very boring and bad for the horses.
The entire canters, gallops in the forest or on the beach are individually done by the riders, starting one by one, or two by two, and some time in group for lot of fun!.

The Friday half-day either in the morning or in the evening, according to the tide, gives to the riders the time to relax, to visit the village and to do some shopping, to sunbath on the beach or have a swim in the ocean, before leaving for home.



maison landaise

Day 6

Saturday, the last day ride, enables the riders to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean for a last time and have some last exciting gallop along the beach, after visiting the shore of Aureilhan Lake. We spend the 5th lunch time beside the river in a nature conservation area. beach ride in the morning or in the evening !

If the weather is fine from June to the end of September our riders have the opportunity to play and swim in the Ocean with and without their horses.


Please remind:
We can’t always arrive on the beach, when it’s really low tide during the3 days beach trail.

If we can canter on the hard sand, it’s not possible to canter in the sea-water because of the tack, and the wet sand that goes between the girth and the skin and may injure the horse during the day.
So the target of that last day is to offer to the rider the opportunity to be on the beach (or in the morning, or in the evening) at the best moment according to the tide. The beach is some times 200 m wide and we often have it only for us. Then we can offer to canter or gallop in the sea water without restriction and have great fun.

galop cheval sur la plage


Low Season :      1199 €
Average Season : 1359 €                                                                                                     High Season :       1449 €

The above mentioned prices are in shared rooms,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Including 1/2 a day of test riding with starting on a round trip of 6 days  with 3 days passing by the beach. Discovering the tack, the way of evolution and speed on that sportive ride and testing the rider/horse match with the objective to finish with 100% enjoyment on the last days beach ride.
  • Arrival on Sunday afternoon between 6 h and 7h p.m. Full board on all whole day rides (for the half day rides on Monday  lunch is not included)
  • Supplement for an additional night on half-board 75 € at low season , 80 € at average season and 89 € at high season.
  • Single room supplement per week:
    • 105 € at low season
    • 170 € at average season
    • 210 € at high season 
  • Supplement chambre double ou double Twin par semaine:
    • 70 € en  moyenne saison
    • 105 € en haute saison


YEAR 2020 – 2021

Low Season: February, March, April, October, November                                                

April on Atlantic Coast

14th to 21th of February                                                                                            
21th  to 28th of February   

07 to 14 of Marsh
21th to 28th of March

04th to 11th of April
11th to 18th of April
18th to 25th of April                                                    

October on Atlantic Coast

03th to 10th of October
10th to 17th of October
17th to 24th of October  

24th to 30th of October   

30/10 to 07 of November

07th to 14th of November

Average Season: May, June, September
25th of April to 02th of May
09th to 16th of May   and 16th to 23th of May

Beginning of May On Atlantic Coast

30/05 to 06th of June
06th to 13th of June
13th to 20th of June
20th to 27th of June     

27th to 04 of July


29th/08 to 05th of September
05th to 12th of September
12th to 19th of September
19th to 26th of September               27 of September to 04 of October

High Season : July and August   

July and August and September on Atlantic Coast

04th to 11th of July (with 1 night on campsite)
11th to 18th of July (with 1 night on campsite)                                      

18th to 25th of July (with 1 night on campsite) 

25th of July to 1th of August (with 1 night on campsite)        

01th to 08th of August (with 1 night on campsite
08th to 15th of August (with 1 night on campsite,)               

15th to 22th of August (with 1 night on campsite,  if temperature appropriate )                               

22th to 29th of August ( with 1 night on campsite, if temperature appropriate )



                       Juillet Aout et Septembre   on the Atlantic Coast



By phone: +335 58 09 34 25 or +336 81 27 15 01

Contact Form

Do not hesitate to contact us using the form below:

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  1. Anonymous

    I love Michel. He’s an amazing and lovely man, devoted to his horses and clearly enjoys people’s company, but don’t expect him to stick to plans or timings!! I was given three horses to ride – all different, but lovely to ride. Very, very pleased that they actually needed riding and weren’t conditioned to ride nose to tail. They performed independently, so I was able to lead canters quite frequently, which I hugely appreciated as I lead rides myself.
    I was the only guest on this week (in late March) but I wasn’t lonely. I was treated with care and great courtesy at the hotel in Mimizan. Michel and Annette are thoughtful, friendly, fun hosts, and Marianne, Michel’s pupil guide, is a remarkable young woman, who has already learned many of the trails. The lunches (picnics in the sun) were plentiful, excellent quality with lots of wine, cider, fun and laughter.
    This is a unique ride run by a unique man. It is unforgettable, because he is unforgettable. It wasn’t perfect, but it would never be the same experience twice, I suspect, so it couldn’t be improved.

  2. Ann Everin

    I went on this holiday in September with my 2 sisters. Michel is a lovely man with a fantastic sense of humour. His love of his horses shines through. The riding was fantastic with lots of long gallops through amazing country side and along the beach. The horses are all well behaved, forward going and lovely to ride.
    Both Michel and Annette were fabulous hosts who went out of their way to make the holiday special. The picnic lunches were delicious, lots of food, wine, cider and beer and excellent company.
    The accommodation was extremely comfortable and the swimming pool was great to relax in after a long day in the saddle.
    The holiday was perfect in every way and I can’t wait to go back again next year to do one of the other rides lead by Michel.

  3. Annette Ledermann

    This was definitely one of the best trail rides I’ve done so far! I enjoyed every minute of it. The area is beautiful and perfect for riding, there are hardly any roads, but instead lots of sandy bridle paths in the pine and oak forests, long stretches of beach, and dirt tracks across the fields. The horses were lovely, I instantly fell in love with mine. We did all the canters one by one, and the horses were really easy to hold back and patiently waited until it was their turn for cantering / galloping. They were also very friendly towards people, and there was no kicking, as they are used to being out in the field together all year round. Yohan was a fantastic guide – thank you for this wonderful holiday! He took great care of the horses and the guests, was very flexible and accommodated for all our wishes. He let us ride in front whenever possible and made sure that everybody had fun during the ride, while also ensuring the safety of the group. The horses are very well taken care of, and they get a lot of rest time between rides. Also during lunch break they were always able to walk around on a big field, roll in the sand and eat fresh grass. Very happy horses indeed! Food was fantastic – thank you Christine for the home-made quiches you brought to our picnic lunch. I can definitely recommend this tour and would love to come back one day.

  4. Sigrid Cobet

    Herzlichen Dank, Michel, für die großartige und erlebnisreiche Woche! Lange (richtig lange) Reittage, schnelle (richtig schnelle) Galoppaden, Baden mit den Pferden, Rücksichtnahme auf individuelle Befindlichkeiten und Wünsche – ich wüsste nicht, was in einer Reitwoche noch mehr geboten werden könnte!

    Good to know: Der Trail ist nicht konzipiert für unsichere und gemütliche Reiter (es gibt aber Alternativen, wenn man es langsamer angehen lassen möchte). Man bucht bei Michel keinen Aufenthalt in einem Fünf-Sterne-Hotel, sondern in einem Familienbetrieb. Michel und seine Leute sprechen hervorragend Englisch – die Muttersprache ist aber Französisch, und da vermutlich immer auch französische Mitreiter dabei sind, wird manchmal Französisch gesprochen.

    Wenn das passt, steht einer phantastischen Woche nichts entgegen!

    Die Pferde sind perfekt für den Trail. Sie sind lauffreudig und temperamentvoll, dabei aber klar im Kopf und sehr gut ausgebildet. Jedes Pferd gehört offensichtlich zur Familie. Auch wenn ihre Aufgabe anspruchsvoll ist – ich vermute, keines der Pferde würde seinen Job hinschmeißen, um in einer Box umhegt zu werden.

    Die riesigen Pinienwälder mit den sandigen Böden schaffen die idealen Voraussetzungen für die Galoppaden. Die Route bietet auch viel Abwechslung. Die Picknickplätze und der Zeltplatz waren wunderschön. Die Reitführung durch Yohann war umsichtig und souverän. Die Strandtage mit den Pferden lassen wirklich keine Wünsche offen.

    Und außerdem wird noch auf Sonderwünsche eingegangen! Ich habe den Trail mit einem Familienurlaub verbunden. Während der Rest der Familie surfte, hatte mein Sohn parallel eine Anfängerreitwoche gebucht. Er durfte an der Zeltübernachtung teilnehmen, hat sowohl Gruppen- als auch Einzelausritte mit Michel unternommen und hat im Laufe der Woche viel Selbstvertrauen auf dem Pferd gewonnen.

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